Is it the New

Doc in the Box?

TheraNow is leading the way!


TeleMedicine IS the new Doc in the Box!

Tyler, Texas based TheraNow is a TeleMedicine company offering live and prerecorded virtual physical therapy and rehabilitation sessions to the public at large via their unique, proprietary, TelePT software and mobile app. I have personally met TheraNow CEO, Dr. Ashok Gupta and have been duly impressed by him, his business plan, and his software. Of course, he MUST be very gifted and intelligent to have chosen Texas and such a beautiful and vibrant city as Tyler in particular to base his business and operation headquarters.

“TeleMedicine has made strides of progress in delivering efficient, economical and high-quality healthcare in the comfort of your home. However, similar services in the physical therapy field have been lacking.”

– Dr. Ashok Gupta, CEO, TheraNow

I’ve enjoyed the many benefits of Physical Therapy over the past several years, but I found it to be very time consuming and inconvenient to travel to and from the facility, often having to wait and pay for an Uber or Lyft as I don’t currently drive. Total time spent on the average 50 minute session including planning, scheduling, waiting on shared ride service or a friend to tote me around plus actual in transit time covering only 4.5 miles each way still comes to an easy three hour tour. The SS Minnow was a better steward of it’s passenger’s time!

“..not all, but a large percentage of ailments involving pain or movement dysfunctions of the body can be addressed with TelePT.

– Dr. Ashok Gupta, CEO, TheraNow

Having been suddenly thrust into the age of Social Distancing, Zoom Birthday Parties and widely accepted Home Church, I envision a wide spread use of technology to continue to permeate health care as well. From your ordinary Swellness™ visit with your Primary Care Provider to a video conference with all of your various physicians participating in a team based approach to your personal treatment plan. TeleMedicine is beginning to save time and money for everyone involved. Patients, Insurance Companies and Providers of every stripe are able to get more done in less time with exemplary results. If only the Captain of the SS Minnow had today’s technology, that three hour tour could have been a great success!

Individual Patient

If you are an individual interested in receiving physical therapy or rehabilitation via TelePT, you owe it to yourself to learn more about TheraNow. Click on the TheraNow logo below to go to the TheraNow website:

Our trailblazing TheraNow Software is all set to revolutionize the health care delivery system in the therapy domain. Come, be a part of this Revolution!”

– Dr. Ashok Gupta, CEO, TheraNow

In addition to offering live, remote, personalized, video based, TelePT sessions to patients in their homes or offices, TheraNow is offering other PT providers, whether individual practitioners or hospital owned clinics the opportunity to license TheraNow’s proprietary software including mobile app to integrate into their current practice. The software is easily private labeled with the licensee’s colors, logo and detail contact information. It can even capture payment information from the patient if desired.

Healthcare Provider

If you are a healthcare provider and are interested in joining TheraNow and their Licensee Partners on the cutting edge of America’s Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Industry, please click on the Core Values Logo below to learn more about TheraNow, their unique, fully integrated, proprietary software and how to contact their Licensing Team:

Written by Steven Dickey Arnold

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