Tyler’s Azalea Trails minus the Azaleas

The SNOVID freeze of 2021 really did a number on some of our annual blooming beauties. The azaleas are having a really bad year. However, the redbud and dogwood trees are having the time of their life. Among the plentiful background of brown they are spectacular. They usually provide a beautiful backdrop for the featured azaleas, but this year they are the star of the show. Other trees with blooms that are making an appearance are crabapples and wisteria (although I have seen buds, but no blooms, yet). The homeowners will make sure that the Tyler’s Azalea trails are beautiful. It is a passion that requires endless hours. I encourage you to drive or walk through the trails this year. See how many other blooms you can find while the azaleas are recovering or being replaced. Click on http://www.VisitTyler.com for an update on the blooms and trail activities!

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