We did it! We made the appointments. We jumped in our Subaru and we drove to the other side of Tyler. We sat in the “Chick Fil A like” lines. We got vaccinated against COVID 19. Not once, but twice!

As we sat in the line, I still had difficulty wrapping my head around what we were doing. It felt weird. Why was I there?

Here is why. At this stage in my life, it was the lesser of all the evils, so to speak. I haven’t hugged my family in a year. We have several in our family that we are protecting. And frankly, even though I am extremely healthy, the virus itself seems more unpredictable that the side effects of the vaccine….so far.

A shout out to the Northeast Texas Public Health District and all of the volunteers that are making this happen. George Roberts is running a first class event. Also a thank you to the Tyler Police Department that kept us in line!

Health and Wealth to all!

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