Book Review:
On Wings of Wonder
By Doug Cosper

Author, Doug Cosper, doesn’t pretend his new book, On Wings of Wonder, is a history or geography book.

However, if his goal is to engage pre-teens in a present day adventure story with a vivid background of realistic locations in vibrant cultures around the globe, he has succeeded by overlaying a captivating tale, sewn together with more than just a passing glance or nod to native people and their histories. Sponsored by Fulbright and other grants, he has personally worked with many indigenous and modern cultures during his journalistic and humanitarian career. Thus, On Wings of Wonder, is a modern story with acknowledgment to the past and the wide variety of human progress.

On Wings of Wonder is a fantasy, mystery, adventure and travelog all rolled into one. It’s easy to digest plot carries the teenaged primary character, Case, on a fanciful journey across thousands of miles in an effort to find his missing Mother. Along the way, Case meets a number of interesting people and life forms, each of which propel the story along its path by revealing new and pertinent information to keep the wings flapping toward a surprise conclusion.

Although not a pre-teen, I enjoyed reading Cosper’s epic, fun, fiction novel and recommend it for ALL ages from pre-teen up!

Review by Steven Dickey Arnold

To purchase this book, click on the Link below:

On Wings of Wonder

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