Complete Original TV Series on DVDs

I’ve just completed watching this series, and I’ve got to say this is what T.V. is supposed to be like, where you sit down and watch the show without interruption,from different sponsors claiming that this will brighten your teeth,and this will grow hair on your head, which is a bunch of horse apples! As I was saying Rory Calhoun is at his best in this series,the DVD’s in this box set are great no foul ups that I can see,every disc plays great. If you grew up in the 50’s then you’ll remember this series, and if you let your imagination run wild can you picture yourself as one of the cowboys being chased by the good guys? Well if not, the you have no imagination at all , your time and money won’t be wasted on this set, keep it for yourself and go back in time,or give it as a gift either way you will not regret it, this is money well spent and if your a collector like I am the you’ve found the golden goose,so sit back and enjoy!

Reviewed by: Bruce R Florida on Amazon

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