“The Texan“

Complete Original TV Series on DVDs

I’ve just completed watching this series, and I’ve got to say this is what T.V. is supposed to be like, where you sit down and watch the show without interruption,from different sponsors claiming that this will brighten your teeth,and this will grow hair on your head, which is a bunch of horse apples! As I was saying Rory Calhoun is at his best in this series,the DVD’s in this box set are great no foul ups that I can see,every disc plays great. If you grew up in the 50’s then you’ll remember this series, and if you let your imagination run wild can you picture yourself as one of the cowboys being chased by the good guys? Well if not, the you have no imagination at all , your time and money won’t be wasted on this set, keep it for yourself and go back in time,or give it as a gift either way you will not regret it, this is money well spent and if your a collector like I am the you’ve found the golden goose,so sit back and enjoy!

Reviewed by: Bruce R Florida on Amazon

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On Wings Of Wonder

Book Review:
On Wings of Wonder
By Doug Cosper

Author, Doug Cosper, doesn’t pretend his new book, On Wings of Wonder, is a history or geography book.

However, if his goal is to engage pre-teens in a present day adventure story with a vivid background of realistic locations in vibrant cultures around the globe, he has succeeded by overlaying a captivating tale, sewn together with more than just a passing glance or nod to native people and their histories. Sponsored by Fulbright and other grants, he has personally worked with many indigenous and modern cultures during his journalistic and humanitarian career. Thus, On Wings of Wonder, is a modern story with acknowledgment to the past and the wide variety of human progress.

On Wings of Wonder is a fantasy, mystery, adventure and travelog all rolled into one. It’s easy to digest plot carries the teenaged primary character, Case, on a fanciful journey across thousands of miles in an effort to find his missing Mother. Along the way, Case meets a number of interesting people and life forms, each of which propel the story along its path by revealing new and pertinent information to keep the wings flapping toward a surprise conclusion.

Although not a pre-teen, I enjoyed reading Cosper’s epic, fun, fiction novel and recommend it for ALL ages from pre-teen up!

Review by Steven Dickey Arnold

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On Wings of Wonder

Growing Up In The Lone Star State

For many, the moniker “Texan” brings forth images of big hats, leather boots, horses bearing fancy saddles and Spring roundups. Popular American TV, movies and songs have romanticized only a few characteristics of Texan’s ways and means. However, real Texans are even more colorful, diverse and genuinely impressive than the Hollywood model many people consider accurate. 

The authors of Growing Up In The Lone Star State, Notable Texans Remember Their Childhoods; Gaylon Finklea Hecker and Marianne Odom are themselves perfect examples of why Texan’s take pride in their state’s fellow inhabitants.

Marianne Odom, Co-Author

This pair of seasoned Texas journalists, have revealed their personal grit and gumption through the ups and downs of their marathon, 30 year project. Withstanding a bevy of fits and starts, Hecker and Odom spent countless hours researching, interviewing subjects, curating and editing the stories resulting in this compendium of childhood memories as told by 47 notable Texans. A Herculean effort which produced a rare and poignant glimpse into the formative years of these handpicked, unique, widely known Texans who, through hard work and often sheer determination, saw them endure many hardships, disappointments, Illnesses, hunger, poverty, economic depressions, loss of loved ones and for some, racism and it’s first cousin, segregation. All the while dreaming 47 big dreams yet to be lived and success in each of their impressive careers waiting to be fulfilled.

Gaylon Finale Hecker, Co-author

Presented first person, in their own words and style, the stories seem to blend into one unified voice as if accompanied by a common soundtrack or synchronized in some special way. As you read, the individual stories meld into a clear description of similar experiences. With family, friends, teachers, employers, church and school all contributing their part, each of the 47 developed the fortitude, perseverance and character required to see them through the hardships presented to them by life. 

The 47 are from all walks of life. Examples are individuals such as Kay Bailey Hutchison, Jimmy Dean, Richard Overton, Dan Rather, Dr. Denton Cooley, Sandy Duncan and Jerry LeVias.  Each had separate paths and destinations. They all had or have the common thread of confidence and self esteem for which Texans are well known.  A certain pride in their upbringing no matter how poor or difficult. An attitude of success in spite of circumstances. 


It’s difficult to describe,

but you know it when you see it!


I could go into more detail regarding the stories included in this tome, however I’d rather not spoil the positive first impressions you will receive upon reading the collection for yourself.

So, get out your biggest hat (or biggest hair), pull on your boots, saddle up your remuda and prepare for a roundup of wonderful childhood memories, anecdotes and tales that will shed light on the real Texan residing in all of us who call the Lone Star State home.

By Steven Dickey Arnold

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Growing Up in the Lone Star State: Notable Texans Remember Their Childhoods